Case Management

The SCM provides students in distress with an additional layer of support through case management services. We also offer a case manager who solely provides support to students living in residence.

Students may be referred for case management support through different avenues:

  • the referral may be an outcome of the Code process in order to offer additional support services to students experiencing difficulty;
  • a student may be identified and referred through the Students of Concern Protocol (This is a framework used to identify elevated cases where students are facing multiple, complex and/or safety issues.)
  • another campus service may refer a student; or
  • a student may refer themselves.


Case management services include:

Assessing individual needs and making referrals to appropriate services and resources within the campus and the larger community.

Coordinating voluntary/involuntary leave of absence under the Code.

Following up during and after hospitalization and/or leave of absence.

Helping to manage multiple or complex medical needs and/or crises.

Advocating for and helping students navigate processes related to their housing, academic, health and financial needs.

Following up and having regular check in meetings with students with behavioural health concerns related to the Code.

Case managers are not counsellors or therapists; rather, the role of the case manager is to enhance the conditions and likelihood of students’ personal, emotional, social and academic success. With the opportunity to develop close helping relationships with students, case managers support and advocate for students and help them build the skills they need to succeed.