Intake Office

The SCM is one of the University’s four Intake Offices to receive and investigate complaints (in instances where the respondent is a student) under McMaster’s Sexual Violence Policy (SVP) and Discrimination and Harassment Policy (D&H).

The other intake offices for these policies are:

To discuss options under these policies with the Student Case Management Office, please book an appointment.

Additional resources can be found below. 

Equity & Inclusion Office - Human Rights and Dispute Resolution Program

  • Provides consultation for any students, staff, faculty, and other member of the University community on issues related to human rights;
  • Acts as an Intake Office for formal complaints of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence;
  • Oversees and, where required, investigates formal complaints lodged under the University’s Discrimination & Harassment Policy and/or the Sexual Violence Policy;
  • When requested, facilitates resolution of concerns and complaints using alternate dispute resolution practices

Equity & Inclusion - Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office

  • Provide inclusive and trauma-informed response and support
  • Provide community consultation and referrals
  • Provide prevention education and response training